Workshop with artist Kate Murdoch

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What does Weston Colville mean to you?

- past and present -

If you could pick one object that sums up your memories about Weston Colville -  a photo, a scrap of fabric, piece of crockery, childhood toy – what would it be for you?

Kate Murdoch’s workshop on Sunday April 10 brought in an eclectic and sometimes moving choice of objects that people had chosen to represent the village.  From an urn, or a piece of embroidery, to a much loved hymn book, or a bottle of cider made from local apples – all items were labelled and photographed and placed in the cabinet – a museum of memories of Weston Colville.  You are invited to bring your object to place in the cabinet over the summer. The cabinet will be on display at our final event in September.

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Kate was born in Weston Colville in 1959 and lived here until she was 15.  She now lives in London, but maintained a strong link to the village through frequent visits to her grandmother, Olive Taylor.  The experience of growing up in the 1960s in a small village had a strong impact on Kate and she has vivid, visual memories of her Weston Colville childhood.  Her family’s memories of living in the village will be found on the ‘Stories’ page. – discover what else Kate does