50 memories of our village

  1. Walking to school every day.
  2. Going down the Fox & Hounds for a packet of crisps and a vimto at the back door.
  3. Going up the shop to see Mr Farrant who baked fresh bread daily and sold it in the shop.
  4. Picking huge armfuls of cowslips and bluebells from up the woods and orchids up the lane.
  5. Stella and Bill Heath at the Post Office.
  6. Going over the Three Horseshoes Farm with Mr and Mrs Mayfield, helping with the animals.
  7. Sunday School at church with Miss Bowyer.
  8. Catching the bus to go to Linton Village College.
  9. The winter of 196? when we got snowed in and couldn’t go to school. Pigeons  dying of cold. Very very cold.
  10. Waiting for the bus at the Reading Room to go to school by Premier Travel bus.
  11. Chilblains! Walking to school in my wellies with snow on the ground, frozen milk being thawed out by the fire in the school room.
  12. Lucky Dip in a barrell of sawdust at the Christmas Bazarre.
  13. Playing in the cricket meadow.
  14. Highlight of summer – the combine harvester trundling down Horseshoe Lane for the harvest.
  15. Catch the rat down the drain pipe.
  16. Visiting the farm to see the piglets, calves and lambs.
  17. Bonfirest at the end of the gardens with neighbours who have now become friends.
  18. The first view of the church when we came round the corner for the first time.
  19. First morning at the end of the garden seeing 15 deer in the morning mist.
  20. Hearing owls, foxes and deer.
  21. Discover that Lower Wood is full of bluebells every spring.
  22. Walking to the pub across the fields and home again by moonlight.
  23. Being snowed in the first Christmas.
  24. Nights round the piano in Lane House (next door).
  25. Friends sitting on the steps of the patio every summer and meals at the end of the garden.
  26. Winter with fires, Christmas trees, sloe gin, icicles.
  27. Growing and swapping veg and fruit with neighbours and friends.
  28. Miss Halford our school teacher.
  29. Mr Dan Clark who owned the village shop – he was very kind.
  30. Miss Bowyer Post Mistress and Sunday School teacher – lovely lady.
  31. RAF Airfield being built.
  32. Mr Sizer the parafin man, Jack Richardson Co-op man, Henry Plumb, milkman, Mr Suckling, mobile tailor.
  33. Rev Davies
  34. Dances in the Reading Room.
  35. The village green and seat we spent many happy hours meeting together.
  36. Village fetes and fancy dresses.
  37. Cricket
  38. Olive Taylor’s house
  39. Holly Tree
  40. Floods
  41. Proper dark nights
  42. The Reading Room
  43. Olive’s 100th birthday.
  44. Playing pooh sticks in the stream with our sons.
  45. Walking back to West Wratting in the dark.
  46. The church.
  47. The wonderful acoustics of the Lothbury Centre and the singing and music made there.
  48. Gabrielle’s garden in June – the poppies.
  49. Amazing Flower Festival
  50. Rosemary and Maureen’s walk and stories about collecting rosehips in jars for a penny.

One Response to “50 memories of our village”
  1. I also remember Mr Dan Clark , Stella & Bill Heath .& The R A F airfield . My Aunt Frances Bowyer had a village History largely written in her own hand . this was in the care of someone who lined at the Farm Mrs ? Smith after my aunt’s death in 1985. On many visits I went to the Sunday school at the village Church & for many years knew The Rector Mr Davies. Nurse Thomas lived at the cottage Church End & I remember her daughter , Paddy who married & went to live in Australia
    My Aunt & grandparents are buried in the Churchyard , Also my Uncle Marshall Bowyer , There is also a mention of his son my cousin Ray Bowyer , on his grave stone.
    It was so interesting to find your website I can recall the names of many of the people who lived in the village as I stayed with my Aunt & Grandmother. ,during the war when my Aunt was the postmistress.
    I now live in Devon