Moving to the village

Muriel Taylor moved to the village from Cambridge in 1953, the year of the Queen’s Coronation and also the same year that electricity arrived in the village.   Being a newcomer to the village, it took time to settle in:

‘Being in a village is different from being in a town.  You had to give people time to get to know them and them to get to know you.  You had to stand back and not jump straight in.’

‘When we moved up here ( to Common Road) we were surrounded by people and got to know our neighbours.  The gardens were all open and I gradually got to know people from chatting in the garden and picking up children at the school gate’.

Click here to hear Muriel Muriel Taylor – Moving to the village

Muriel Taylor – moving here and electricity

Twins Maureen Garrod and Rosemary Westley moved to Weston Colville with their sister Cath Coppen and their brother, just after the end of the war, aged 5.

‘When we first came down here, my first recollection of the village was we walked around the church and I remember sitting on the church wall waiting for my stepfather to come home on his bike to meet him.  I remember sitting on that wall and listening to the cooing and singing of the birds and the quietness.’

click here to hear Maureen speaking – Maureen Garrod – moving to Spring Terrace

Hear her first memories of the village – Maureen Garrod – First recollections