School Days

Freda remembers learning the snowflake song at school.  Click here to hear her recite it: Freda Lawrence – snowflake song

Maureen and her sister Rosemary moved from Weston Colville school to West Wratting when they were about 9 because their mother thought they were not learning enough at school – click here to hear Maureen: Maureen Garrod – Schooldays

Phyllis Pettit took part in a reminiscence time at Mays Avenue Sheltered Housing where she lived in Balsham – here she remembers her time at the village school:

‘Mr Wormald was the headmaster of the school but he had retired by the time his daughter took over.  There used to have a huge stove and always have hot water on the top.  In wintertime we used to have a mug of cocoa – it was a farthing a mug!’

Mr Wormald rhyme – Phyllis Pettit

‘We used to do sewing, and knitting and we had to cut a hole in a piece of cloth and patch it and send it to Cambridge and I had first prize in patching.’

Patricia Murdoch remembers attending the village school in the 1960′s :  One teacher, one room, one class for all children 5-11 years. Very limited, narrow curriculum. One bookcase with ancient books that were never replaced.  One moment that stands out was when an outside teacher came to do a project on Helen of Troy.  We made a model of the wooden horse and lots of figures.